5 Tips In Using Barbecue Grills

Barbecue GrillsIf you are one of those people who are using barbecue grills, it is very imperative that you are aware and familiar on the proper and safe way to use a barbecue grill. Today, there are lots of top quality barbecue grills that are widely available in the market and online. According to some researches, some of the best types of barbecue grills include outdoor barbecue grills, charcoal barbecue grills and electric barbecue grill. It a fact that choosing for the best barbecue grills is not an easy task at all since it usually requires intensive research, time, dedication, commitment and effort to acquire the best one that is worth paying for. In order for you to have a perfectly-cooked and delicious barbecue dishes, it is highly recommended that you have a clear and better understanding about the 5 tips in using barbecue grills and these are as follows:

• Prepare all your needed ingredients before you start grilling- Preparing all the ingredients before starting the grilling process is considered as the first rule of griller and chef in different parts of the world. When preparing vegetables and fruits for grilling, you should make sure that they are completely washed even you are going to cook them peeled. In terms of meat, it is ideal not to rinse them before the cooking process. In this way, you can prevent the immediate spread of bacteria once the meat juices splashed on your sink or kitchen counter.

• Thaw the frozen meat in a safe way- Never barbecue the frozen meat. This is considered as one of the most important rules in grilling. Once you try to grill frozen meat, chances are you will come up with a steak that is cooked outside but raw inside. This is one of the reasons why you need to thaw your frozen meat in a safe way before it completely hit the grill. According to some experts, there are lots of ways to thaw your frozen meat but the safest method that you should follow is to thaw the frozen meat inside your refrigerator. In addition to this, you can also safely re-freeze your refrigerator-thawed meat if you want to cook it later. Some of the methods of thawing frozen meat are by using microwave or running water but the refrigerator is the best place where your frozen meat will be safe from bacteria. In line with this, meat will be exposed to plenty of bacteria if it is thawed in room temperature or using hot water.

• Separate the raw foods from the cooked ones- When it comes to grilling, it is very important to separate the raw foods from the cooked ones to prevent the occurrence of cross contamination. It is also highly recommended to use different utensils and separate containers for cooked foods and raw foods. It is also very important to wash thoroughly your hands before starting the grilling process. Once you touched raw meat and fish, make it a habit to properly wash and clean your hands. By doing this, you can avoid the spread of bacteria that can cause harmful illnesses and diseases.

• Cook the meat thoroughly- It is very important to cook seafood, poultry and meat thoroughly. By doing this, you can reduce the potential risk of food-borne diseases and illnesses that can harm your health. This can be attained by utilizing the ideal cooking temperature. It is also essential to use top quality food thermometer while you are grilling meat. Food thermometer is suggested to use by beginners to attain the right and best cooking temperature.

• Take the food out before eating- It is true that cooking on the grill is not an easy task at all particularly if you are serving a huge crowd. For those grillers and chefs who are serving other dishes such as soups and salads, you need to make sure that you completely keep the perishable ingredients in your refrigerator until your serving crowd is ready to eat.

How To Achieve A Healthy Grilling?

According to some studies, grilling has the ability to add terrific amount of distinct flavor to foods. Since grilling does not use oil, it is considered as a lighter method of heating vegetables and meats. However, cooking at very high temperature can easily and quickly activate the so called HCAs or heterocyclic amines. It is a chemical compound that is being released in a form of charring the meat proteins. In order to obtain a healthy grilling, it is best to wrap your grilled dishes in foil. By doing this, you can lessen the formation of PAHs and smoke exposure. If you want to learn and know more helpful tips in using barbecue grills, browsing the web and conducting research can be a great help.