Filling New Niches with Drew Madden

For many of us, it’s just another day in paradise. For niche medical companies like CVS, it’s become a living hell.

This owes to some recent decisions that were made by Amazon. The renown retail giant decided now was the time to approach the acquisition of licenses that would allow them to remotely distribute equipment for medical purposes to clients and stores alike. This sounds like it should be a good thing for small, corner-side stores such as CVS, but it’s an omen of something worse to come. Amazon, as it turns out, is pursuing licenses to distribute pill medications as well.

For clients, this isn’t a bad thing. It means the business world is in motion to compete for client attention, and it’s working. With Amazon’s power to throw corporations for a loop and even put them out of business — see Toys “R” Us and Whole Foods — it’s no wonder CVS is shaking in its boots. This, of course, would explain why the medical goods company is carefully considering its counterattack by moving in on Aetna, a large healthcare provider that would provide an invaluable series of services to pad CVS’ arsenal with.

CVS is doing this to cover ground that Amazon can’t. Amazon is, after all, a major retailer but little more than this; as such, they’re not going to work with medical insurance anytime soon. However, CVS is in the game to defend its niche and do it better than any general retailer can, and that’s exactly why healthcare IT is being dragged into the mix. By improving upon their web-based medical services and expanding on their server back-end, they can offer seamless transitions between their many in-store offerings in ways that Amazon can’t yet hope to touch.

If CVS is to succeed in this endeavor, they may consider hiring Drew Madden into their graces. This will allow the company to firmly push Amazon out of the deeper end of the pool with superior medically focused equipment and infrastructure. Drew Madden, a legend in the healthcare IT world, has gained recognition for his ability to upend a failing business and put it straight once more, and he may just be the answer that CVS needs to win this one.

James Larkin, the man behind the success of various unions

James Larkin began his activism and socialism through his membership at NUDL, the National Union of Dock Labourers. NUDL was a union that was formed long before James Larkin had developed an interest in socialism. Its fight for fair labor treatment was known to all who directly or indirectly interacted with the union.


NUDL always felt like the right place for Jim Larkin to be. Actually, for the first few years after his membership in 1905, Jim did a lot of activities in place of the union with much liking and success. However, this enthusiasm was not long-lived. He was forced out of NUDL due to reasons that James Sexton knew. Even though some came to think of Jim Larkin as a man who treasured insubordination more, the truth was that his disagreement with James Sexton led to a rivalry that would only be solved by either of the two leaving NUDL.


ITWGU became his next interest, with its formation being one of the greatest times of Larkin’s life. He headed ITWGU and became its Secretary General. James Larkin’s dream for the organization was the unity of skilled and unskilled Irish workers.


He then joined up with James Connolly for the formation of a more prominent union, the Irish Labour Party, ILP. Although this organization for a long time seemed political, its true colors were revealed in the lockout of Dublin, 1913, which would not be forgotten so soon. James Larkin’s friendship with James Connolly brought to an end the old Larkin and saw the birth of a new Jim that has people so close to his life that he would want to do everything with them towards the attainment of a better society.


When James Connolly died back in Ireland as Larkin had traveled to the United States, the latter formed a union. This organization was meant to honor his one true friend’s memory, and the fact that his death happened in the Easter Rising was much saddening. James Larkin’s personal life did not take a much greater turn, as he was also laid to rest a few years later after his deportation to Ireland from the US.

Securus Technologies Providing the Highly Efficient Wireless Containment Solutions Technology

If the prisoners are freely allowed to connect with the outside world without any restrictions, what is the point of incarceration? However, even after many restrictions, it has been seen that the inmates can find ways to get their hands on the contraband phones. Many of the inmates have been caught using the contraband phones inside the prison, and many more continue to use as per the reports.


The use of contraband phones has significant implications for the society as it helps the inmates to control many different criminal activities outside of the prison while still being incarcerated. No contraband interdiction technology has been able to stop this menace so far, but Securus Technologies recently rolled out wireless containment solutions. It would help the prisons to put a tab on the use of contraband phones. The company has spent millions on research and development in the last few years and has spent a total of $40 million in developing wireless containment solutions. The company has already tested the new system in many different prisons and have received great appreciation for their effort. The face of their new system is Robert Johnson, who was the victim of an attack that was planned by an inmate. Robert worked as a correctional officer and was one of the top officials who loved his work. He had confiscated millions worth of drugs and cell phones from the inmates, and it made many people very angry.


Robert Johnson suffered major injuries when he was shot by some men in his home. He was getting ready to leave for work, and it was then he heard some sound. Some men entered the home, but Robert gave them a big fight. But, it did not prevent them from firing at him, and he was shot several times. Even though he was in the hospital for almost a year, he recovered quickly. After retiring from his post, he received an offer from Securus Technologies and joined it as a consultant. Now, he loves what he does and provides presentations to different prisons in the country about the benefits of the wireless containment system.


Securus Technologies has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas, and it is where the company also has its research center. The primary aim of the company is to make the correctional facilities more secure and be the leading provider of correctional services. In North America, Securus Technologies is the leader in providing inmate communication and other correctional services, but it has plans to expand to other territories soon. The development of wireless containment solutions has helped the company to consolidate its position in the correctional sphere, and many new correctional facilities are showing their interest to acquire this new technology.



Roberto Santiago and Shopping in Brazil

Roberto Santiago is Manaira Shopping’s Chief Executive Officer. He also happens to be among the biggest entrepreneurs in all of Brazil. This South American real estate developer is located in Paraiba, a Brazilian Northeast state. Manaira Shopping has been a shopping powerhouse in Brazil since its launching at the closing of the eighties. It’s part of a community that’s called Joao Pessoa. The building of the shopping mall took roughly two years. Manaira Shopping is a haven for people who are interested in retail fun in Paraiba. It’s home to a sizable food court that provides shoppers with all kinds of mouthwatering dining opportunities. Shoppers who want to feast on quick and budget-friendly meals can get a lot out of the food court. It accommodates people who love all kinds of flavors. Entertainment and leisure is also easily available to the people who visit Manaira Shopping. There are a number of movie theaters on hand for people who want to relax and take in flicks of all kinds. People who shop at the center can go for bowling sessions. Other components that are part of Manaira Shopping are an on-site educational institution, a financial institution and even a fitness center. People can manage banking requirements at the center. They can squeeze in cardiovascular workouts. They can do some valuable learning, too.


Domus Hall is part of Manaira Shopping. It’s a concert venue that’s equipped with a reliable air conditioning system that can keep guests comfortable and content regardless of the season. It’s a rooftop destination that brings in people who appreciate music in live form. It’s not just suitable for music lovers, however. Domus Hall also regularly hosts a broad assortment of other kinds of events. It hosts art shows, trade fairs, receptions, parties and more. It has a couple floors. One is the mezzanine and the other is the ground floor. The mezzanine is divided up into separate cabins. It has bars and restrooms as well.


Roberto Santiago was born in the middle of July in 1958. He was born in lovely Joao Pessoa. He made the decision to stay in the area to go after his education. That’s why he studied at the University Center of Joao Pessoa as a devoted young adult. He learned in substantial detail about the business administration sector. This educational background helped him get ready for a strong entrepreneurship vocational path.


Santiago did everything he could to secure a superb and bright future for Manaira Shopping. He purchased land back in 1987. This marked the start of a massive adventure in the Brazilian shopping sector. Manaira Shopping is now an institution of sorts in Paraiba. People depend on it for all types of activities.


Dr. Saad Saad; the Untold Perspective about the World of Medical Practice

Dr. SaadSaad is a man with a lot to tell and teach upcoming doctors. Born and raised in a politically volatile environment, he has learned to navigate through life and achieve his objectives despite many challenges. He was raised in Kuwait in a family of eight. His siblings are also successful professionals in various fields. He made it through the odds to become one of America’s renowned pediatric surgeons. Dr. SaadSaad revealed some of the secrets that have helped him climb so high up on his career ladder. The pediatric surgeon retired recently after serving humanity and especially children for over 47 years.



Dr. SaadSaad’s Career Path



Dr. SaadSaad is a pediatric surgeon based in Eatontown, NJ. Dr. SaadSaad serves several medical facilities in New Jersey and its environs. His story starts all the way from Palestine, Kuwait, Egypt and now the US. He attained his medical degree from the University of Cairo where he was crowned to be among the best two students in his class. Dr. SaadSaad has been in medical practice for over 20 years. He also serves at Jersey Shore Medical Center among other major hospitals.



The life, times and practice of Dr. SaadSaad have been full of intrigues. He was recently interviewed about his glistening career. He will be remembered for his innovativeness in the field of medicine. He is also an author of several surgical procedures that are used in many major hospitals across the globe. Dr. SaadSaad is a family man too. He finds time to nurture his offsprings despite the challenges of his work. His children are successful professionals too. Some of them have even followed in his footsteps and are already making an impact in the field of medicine, and surgery in particular.



The Lessons Dr. SaadSaad Shared For the Upcoming Doctors and Youths Faced With Challenges In Their Career Path



Having been born in Palestine in around 1940, many families in the region were relocated as a result of the creation of the state of Israel. Dr. SaadSaad’s family was forced to suddenly relocate to an unknown location. His mother hurriedly boarded a bus and headed to a destination she didn’t know while his father was away. In brief, Dr. SaadSaad found a new forced home at the West Bank. His father finally reunited with the family after many hours of frantic searching. Such was the life they were to be exposed to throughout their young life until he gained admission into the University. Dr. SaadSaad advises the young people not to give up because of the challenges they face in life. He says they must push until they achieve their life goals. He says that if he succeeded, anyone else can. Learn more:


Sussex Healthcare, New Hiring

Sussex Healthcare limited was founded in 1985. It is located in Warnham, United Kingdom. The company takes care of old people and individuals with physical or learning disadvantages. The company provides care for dementia, respite, palliative, recreation, and education assistance.

Sussex has 20 homes which are staffed by competent and committed workers. Nursing care is offered for 24 hours every day. They are catering the elderly needs and the physically and mentally disabilities of an individual. Also, the company has installed advanced technological equipment for therapies. Meals are provided accordingly and freshly prepared using a variety of local ingredients. The company’s ethics are based on delivering favorable and efficient physical, emotional, spiritual, and social care to individuals.


It is fortunate that Sussex is hiring competent individuals to fill some positions. Here are vacant posts in different Sussex homes:
Healthcare assistant- a full-time healthcare assistant is needed at Cedars Care Group. No job experience is necessary. You have to cater for your transport due to location. The responsibilities of a healthcare assistant will comprise of: provide skilled care, planning and recording needs of the patients. Also, adhering to ethics of the company, take part in the maintenance and development of the home, and observe safety standards.

Community Support Worker- This is an opportunity in West Sussex County Council within the Mental Recovery Health Team. Duties will entail providing treatment and support to individuals with mental health issues. Working experience within the community is required.

Community Children’s Palliative Care Assistant- East Sussex home is in need of a palliative care assistant to care and support children and young individuals. The role comprises of extensive travel, so, there is the need for a valid driving license. Besides, working hours will be determined by the amount of workload present.

Carer wellbeing support worker- West Sussex home is need of a wellbeing worker. The position is temporary. One will be required to raise care awareness to notice them quickly. Also, one should be skilled in understanding challenges faced by carers.

Recently Sussex selected Amanda Morgan as the new CEO of the organization. She is a highly respected leader with over 30 years’ experience working with private and public sectors. As a qualified Mental Nurse, it is no doubt that Amanda will quickly adapt to the environment. Also, she will offer quality management services and development.

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Hussain Sajwani in Business and Philanthropy

The DAMAC owner Hussain Sajwani is a real estate billionaire living in the United Arab Emirates. DAMAC Properties is a part of the DAMAC Group and is a company that works on the development of property and residential real estate. The company was founded in 2002 by Hussain Sajwani and acts from Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.



When making the decision to found DAMAC Properties, Hussain Sajwani was motivated by a decree made by the Dubai government which allowed foreigners to own property in the United Arab Emirates. He took advantage of this as he envisioned buyers from non-emirate countries to become the top real estate buyers. That proved to be an accurate assessment as Hussain Sajwani managed to quickly resell the then still undeveloped land less than six months after purchase, beginning a profitable business in the industry of real estate development.



Hussain Sajwani still runs the company as its Chairman. He is responsible for the company’s operations as well as its huge wealth. Handling a net worth of nearly 4 billion dollars, DAMAC owner Hussain Sajwani ranks as the 4th wealthiest billionaire in the United Arab Emirates. the corporation has developed more than 19 000 apartments since it entered its line of work.



Hussain Sajwani has been highly active in philanthropy. he established a charity arm of the DAMAC Properties several years ago which is also active in funding and donating to causes. One of the most significant donations made by the magnate was to the AED which was fundraising resources in order to provide food, clothing, and shelter to more than one million children around the globe.



Hussain Sajwani donated two million to the extensive campaign and that money was enough to bring clothes, food, and warmth to more than 50 000 kids. The Ramadan initiative was started by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.



Over the years, Hussain Sajwani as achieved a lot in career but he considers philanthropy to be the most sifigifcant achievement in his life.


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Simple Booking With The Fagali’l Airport

The Fagali’l Airport in Samoa, is one of the largest airports to date serving the Samoan capital of Apia. They have two airlines that is within the single airport, connecting The United States with one of those airlines. Rather you are flying from the Samoa area, or flying to America, having two airlines benefit customers doing either one. Once owned by the federal and local government, the Fagali’l Airport was later purchased by Polynesian Airlines, the reason you see what is now, a complete transformation.

The operation of the Fagali’l Airport also includes chartered flights using its aircraft fleet, Twin Otter for those going to the island of Savaii being both a commercial airline and a commercial airport operator. No matter how you will be flying, you will have numerous choices when it comes to their chartered services.
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One of the major aspects in booking your flight with the Fagali’l Airport is, you can go right to their website, making purchasing tickets quick and convenient. The steps are easy for anyone to do take to redeem your flight on their website by just printing your ticket, rather it’s for a current or later flight. If you want to fly abroad or just locally, the Fagali’l Airport will never make you feel as if you need to spend a fortune booking a flight online according to Going online for yourself, you will see that the prices are very reasonable to fly, so you can just focus on your destination and not be overwhelmed with how much you already spent. Millions of people use this airport throughout the year, and is one of the leading airports in Samoa, since being bought over 10 years ago according to And if you are a frequent flyer, the Fagali’l Airport offers specials and deals year round, giving you another way to save money, and make it even more affordable to book your flight.
When there is a question you need answered, or you are seeking more information regarding booking a flight, the Fagali’l Airport has thousands of knowledgeable employees who will assist you with those needs, making your traveling plans with the Fagali’l Airport a good experience!

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Securus Technologies Developing Advanced Wireless Containment System to Prevent Illegal Use of Cell Phones in Prison

It is no surprise that cell phones have been a book to the world. One can easily speak to anyone from one part of the world to another using them. Today, with advancement in technology, it has become possible to use them many more tasks which were not possible before. But, it is only when they are used responsibly that they make a positive difference to the world. Many times, they are used by criminals to carry out illegal activities that can be harmful to people. No one knows this better than Robert Johnson who was attacked by criminals in his home at the early hours of the day.


While working in the Florida prison, I was one of the close associates of Robert and have seen him carry out his duties without any fear. Even though the prison officials used to get threats from the gang members inside the prisons in case any of their illegal things like drugs or cell phones were confiscated, Robert was never the one to be afraid of them. There was a significant raid once where Robert managed to get about $50,000 worth of drugs from the hands of the gang members in prison. It led the members to be angry and to use the contraband phone they planned a hit on Robert. He was hit multiple times in his living room while his wife slept in the other room. He was rushed to the hospital, and it took him months to recover from the wounds.


Securus Technologies has been at the forefront of developing technology to help prevent the use of cell phones in prisons. While the early technologies being used were not able to distinguish between the calls made by the inmates and the officials, it became dangerous during prison riots. Securus Technologies have developed their newest wireless containment system that offers a more customized solution to the problem. It creates a secure network inside the prison and all calls made from inside the prison have to be made through this interface. It allows the prison officials and guards to locate the place from where the requests are made and to end the use of contraband phones inside the prison.


Robert Johnson has been working with Securus Technologies for many years as a freelancer and is playing a pivotal role in the installation of the system in prisons across the country. He wants to ensure that the inmates are not able to use these phones to keep on carrying out illegal activities even after being locked up.



Improving Access to Civil Liberties: Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

On the monthly edition of October in 2007, the Phoenix New Times, a publication under Village Voice Media is managed by its executives namely James Larkin and Michael Lacey. They exposed clear details regarding a grand-jury investigation. The flaunting of this grand-jury investigation had tackled the reputation of the Maricopa County sheriff, Joe Arpaio. The sheriff, who proclaimed himself as “America’s Toughest Sheriff”, had a fair share of infamous misdoings.

Arpaio together with his office has established a reputation for violating the civil rights of the people from their area in Arizona. Amongst the sheriff’s wrong doings include the extra-legal operations carried out by his office which exclusively aimed to destroy his foes in the political arena.

Another big splash of Arpaio’s controversial movements includes the arresting of both Larkin and Lacey on October 18, 2007.

Jim Larkin, a well-known man from Phoenix, Arizona, together with Michael Lacey spear headed the Phoenix New Times publication. Both of the newsmen’s publication was known to consistently flaunt the sheriff’s appalling deeds ever since the year 1992. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

Together with the exposure of the grand-jury details, the consistent flaunting of the sheriff’s wrongdoings is what triggered Arpaio’s illegal detaining of both Larkin and Lacey. However, the uproar regarding the arrest was so strong and instant that both men were instantly released in less than 24 hours.

Maricopa County was made responsible to pay $3.75 million which served as a settlement to resolve the wrongful arrest of both Lacey and Larkin. Rather than to use the huge amount of cash for personal interests, both men used the settlement to establish a non-profit, the Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund.

It is believed that the organization envisions itself as a support system of the non-profit groups that strongly advocate the rights of Hispanics and Latinos in the state of Arizona. Read more: Michael Lacey | Twitter and Michael Lacey | LinkedIn

Aside from the heavy burden of the settlement, the sheriff is believed to have faced his downfall during the year 2016. The sheriff, who has served for six terms, was not granted his seventh term for the voters in his area disagreed to give him another 4 years in office.

In addition, Arpaio was imprisoned for a criminal contempt of court from the Melendres suit, an unfortunate situation he had to undergo when he was constantly disregarding the Latinos of his jurisdiction.

Much to the people’s surprise, the tabloids then revealed that a pardon, which will spare the sheriff from a term in jail, was settled by President Donald Trump. To make things even more interesting, the sheriff and the president are known to be friends for quite some time.

Stephen Lemon, a writer from the Front Page Confidential, re-presents the controversial issue between Lacey & Larkin and Arpaio. According to the write up by Lemon, Jim Larkin explicitly said that Arpaio was an awful sheriff.

Moreover, Larkin mentioned that the sheriff was a ‘great fucking politician’ for he has rubbed elbows with the president which eventually gave him the favor of being granted with the pardon.