The Improvements US Money Reserve Has Made On Their Business Website

The US Money Reserve is always working to improve customer service and maximize product quality, so that’s why they decided to change their website look to a more interactive and modern looking place. With the new website customers can take a look at more photos and information tabs and it’s much more mobile-friendly.

The ultimate goal was to make an informative but appealing website that customers would want to return to often and recommend to friends and family. US Money Reserve is a private gold and silver investment company that has minted some high quality commemorative coins such as buffalo and eagle gold dollars.

Philip N. Diehl has been the longtime leader of US Money Reserve and his credentials in minting and currency don’t get much higher than his previous office of US Mint Director.

He assumed the post in 1992 as part of the Clinton administration and decided to change the US Mint into a more customer-friendly agency including launching an ecommerce website. Diehl also increased the minting annual profits into a $2.6 billion return, an increase of over 300% from the previous years. The first platinum coin to be minted was also a project that Diehl worked behind the scenes with. Learn more about US Money Reserve:

Diehl and the US Money Reserve have put forth guides on how to invest in gold and silver. In recent years the US dollar has come under heavy inflation and has faced a lot of turbulence in foreign markets, and the national debt continues to accrue up till today.

This is why the US Money Reserve is encouraging investors to look into gold and silver for their portfolios because these metals tend to hold up against economic and political turmoil. Diversifying your portfolio applies to gold and silver as well as the usual vehicles of stock market investments, and having these precious metals in your portfolio is a good way to hedge it against a sudden crash.

The US Money Reserve’s products come in coins, bullion and bars and each has their own set of benefits and risks. If you have an IRA you can even transfer existing investments into gold or silver-backed assets through following the instructions given in the US Money Reserve free information pamphlet.

US Money Reserve has added the Client-Connect Advantage platform for customers who have questions about purchases or need to make returns. To find out more about getting started in gold and silver investing go to