Mr. Michael Lacey And Jim Larkin – Advocates For Migrant And Human Rights

Mr. Michael Lacey and Mr. Jim Larkin have been great founder of Village Voice Media and also the Phoenix New Times. They have devoted their money for settlement to help the migrant rights organizations financially all around Arizona.

The 3.75 million dollars settlement money came after they got arrested on Oct. 18th, 2007 by Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Mr. Lacey and Mr. Larkin were made inconvenient late at night and put in prison. There were some court proceedings against them.

Mr. Lacey and Mr. Larkin have spent their careers in supporting the First Amendment rights, and they have sued the county. The Frontera Fund devised by Mr. Lacey and Mr. Larkin will be actively coming in support of the groups for human, civil and migrant rights and also freed of speech all around Arizona.

Mr. Michael Lacey and Mr. Jim Larkin will be coming in support of the groups that preach human, civil and migrant rights and also freedom of speech throughout Aizona. The two business partners got the New Times building office at Jefferson Steet in 1985. They were instrumental in saving the Booker T Washington Elementary school from people who wished to bring harm to it.

The office of Mr. Lacey consists of wooden floors and tall ceilings. There has been an alteration of decor with time. Village Voice Media has exhibited its willingness to sell their sites and newspapers to the new Voice Media group that has got its main office in Denver. Read more: Village Voice Media | Wikepida

Mr. Lacey believes that he and Mr. Larkin’s papers will be with reliable and trustworthy fellow workers. Mr. Lacey says that his belief of high valued journalism will be there. The firm came into existence when America was going through some change, and the value concerned with culture had undergone a challenge posed by the younger generation. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

Mr. Micheal Lacey had mentioned that the suit filed by himself and Mr. Larkins against the Sheriff was of significance as the Sheriff was trying to limit access to the details to The New Times and the news media. The Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund serves a great purpose in defending the rights of helpless immigrants in Arizona. Mr. Jim Larkin and Mr. Michael Lacey have financed the fund.

They have established a platform that would battle for the rights of the immigrants and also exhibit freedom of speech and civic participation also. The nonprofit organization gets its funding from various agencies that look after for similar values.

The arrests of Mr. Larkin and Mr. Lacey were due to write a cover story in the Phoenix New Times. When both of them were detained, a long battle in the courts took place on the power abuse and the first amendment rights.

George Soros – A Life Dedicated to a Cause

George Soros is a self-made billionaire according to his profile on Though born in the country of Hungary his story is as American as they come. Starting from the scrap heaps of railroad work Soros worked his way into a position representing a finance company. It did not take long for him to open his own financing firm, which is now known as Quantum Fund, in 1969.

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According to the site Discover the Networks prior to starting Quantum Fund Soros attended the London School of Economics where he was introduced to the philosophy of Karl Popper. Popper would have a large influence on Soros and his worldview.

The worldview was that of a so called “open society” which was founded on universal principles meant to better mankind. It was this agenda that Soros would seek to fulfill for the rest of his life.

Once Soros got into politics he began to put his open society worldview into practice. He longed to ally with a candidate who shared his views so that he could remake this world to be what he envisioned it should become. According to the article “The Shared Agendas of George Soros and Barrack Obama” written by Discover the Networks Soros was originally going to back Hillary Clinton in the 2008 presidential campaign, that is until future President Barrack Obama showed great promise in being elected to this country’s highest office. Learn more about his profile at

The article continues by stating why Soros was so keen on this alliance. To paraphrase the article George Soros found a politician who was his twin on ethics, values, and social issues. It is hard to tell where Soros’ values end and Obama’s begin. Soros hosted several fundraisers for Obama both while he was Senator and also to help him secure the office of President.

HSoros social exploits were not only reserved for politics but also in the realm of social justice. According to another article on Discover the Networks entitled “Organizations Funded by George Soros and His Open Society Foundations” Soros has donated to over 150 non-profit organizations who have promised to spread justice and peace throughout the world.

George Soros has given his life to securing a world that betters each and every individual person. We will never know the vast impact his life has had on this world. His deeds are too many and too great to count. One thing we can know for sure though is that we all should approach this man and thanks him for being on this earth and dedicating his life to the great cause of humanity. George Soros established the Open Society Foundations.

Choosing a Wedding Photographer in NYC

Tying the knot is one of the most memorable moments in your life. It is a great event and making the most of it is crucial. One of the ways of preserving the memories of that day is to take the best photographs. Whether it is to capture the vows or the beautifully dressed bridesmaids, a good photographer is what you need for the day.

A good photographer is known by their portfolio and the quality of photographs they have taken. At George Street Photo & Video, there is a team which has dedicated their time and creativity to help you restore your wedding’s memories.

If you are planning a wedding in New York City, this is the company to approach. They have innovative ways of choosing shooting venues as well as the necessary technologies for an amazing album of quality photos and videos. Choose them and relax on your wedding day.

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The Capital Perspective On Investments

Warren Buffett is convinced that his strategy will yield better returns than those of hedge fund managers by simply investing in a S&P 500 passive index funds. His premise is that many investors are shortchanged by mediocre expensive funds.. Therefore optimum investment strategy is to buy and hold low cost, simple investments for the long term, a successful strategy.

In examining that strategy, consumers should be suspicious of product labels. Many mutual funds provide disappointing returns, due to high management fees and frequent trading. Simultaneously opportunity costs and volatility risks of passive index investments are misunderstood.

The notion that passive index returns is a secure way for retirement warrants examination. Index funds are a good choice for a particular objective, however they provide no insulation in a declining market, exposing investors to losses and volatility according to CNBC.

Read more: Capital Group Board Elects Timothy Armour as Chairman

While it is well known among investors that an ordinary actively managed fund has performed worse than the market over significant time horizons, there are exceptions to this. Exceptional fund managers are those not in high-cost funds who invest their own money in their fund, with resulting funds that outperform benchmark indexes.

Tim Armour’s thoughts on Post Trump market change are that there will be significant changes occurring rapidly. He thinks that the new administration’s policy will stop sluggish growth already occurring in the drilling and oil sector. Tim Armour of Capital Group also warns to expect increased turbulence in current languishing sectors such as utilities and real estate.

When Tim Armour Chairman of Capital Group was questioned about his perspective on the September 2015 market selloff, he stated that the US had a six-year bull run simultaneously with rising markets in most of the world. The U.S. markets were valued fairly, and valuations were extended for some sectors and companies. Therefore the market correction was largely anticipated and healthy since it eliminated pockets of excess.

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Get WEN And Find Bouncy Beautiful Hair

Chaz Dean is the amazing individual who has dedicated much of his life to women’s hair care. Dean started off in photography, and through his love of photography he gained an interest in hair. Dean wanted to become a cosmetologist, so he studied cosmetology and was able to work at some of the most prestigious salons in LA. Dean ( saw a disturbing trend when it came to haircare products. He noticed that the majority of haircare products had a lot of unneeded chemicals and dyes. These products actually strip hair of its natural oils, and these products make hair very unhealthy.

He wanted to create a haircare product that actually nourished a woman’s hair. Dean wanted this to be a product that could be used on any type of hair, and he wanted it to be free of sulfates and parabens. Dean was able to create WEN conditioning cleanser, and it quickly became one of the most popular conditioning cleanser to ever hit the market.

Emily McClure from The Bustle has heard a lot about WEN by Chaz Dean. McClure decided that she wanted to see for herself if all of the rumors were true. McClure has naturally fine hair, so she was nervous about the amount of product that she had to use on her hair.

McClure found that WEN conditioning cleanser helped her hair to look thick and shinier when it was used every day. If McClure skipped one day of washing her hair, she felt like the product made her hair look weighted down. McClure on Facebook does recommend this product for women with thin hair, but she advises them to make sure to use the product on a daily basis.

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6 Eco-Friendly Destinations for the Traveling Tree Hugger

Looking to get out of the house for awhile? Want to put in those vacation days that you should have taken a long time ago? There are so many options in the world today when it comes to travel, but not all destinations are centered around an eco-friendly environment. If you like to keep this green earth clean and natural, then check out some of the travel destinations listed below that are sure to meet your eco-standards and give you the vacation you may have been dreaming of!


  1. Chile

Chile was the first to approve a carbon tax in all of South America, and will begin to take effect in 2018. Chile also scores the highest score in environmental protection, and is strongly working towards getting twenty percent of their energy from different renewable sources by the year 2025.

  1. Dominicia

They have started a project with the goal of drastically reducing the consumption of energy in the business sections, working towards an overall greener environment.

  1. Lithuania

By the year 2020, Lithuania wants to use twenty three percent of renewable energy. They are already close to reaching their goal with twenty two percent, and may even exceed their original intentions and expectations at this rate!

  1. Uruguay

Not only does eighty percent of their energy come from renewable resources, but Uruguay also wants to turn all public transportation towards electricity, including buses and taxis, and is also working towards becoming a carbon neutral nation.

  1. Samoa

Samoa has a one million dollar budget with the primary goal of building up the biodiversity of the island and helping balance the threats of sudden changes in weather and climate.

  1. Tonga

With the goal of reducing the import of diesel by fifty percent by 2020, Tonga is promoting solar home energy to those residing there to help bring the diesel usage down.

Looking for some other great traveling opportunities? WildArk is a great online tool and resource for traveling everywhere from Africa to Alaska. Whether you are searching for traveling on the trails, cuddling up in a lodge, going on a birding safari in Botswana, or going on an EcoQuest wilderness experience for fourteen days, this website on wildlife travel with satisfy all your traveling cravings, in eco-friendly style! Click here for more information.

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Dick DeVos’ Family Foundation Has Donated Millions of Dollars in Philanthropic Missions

The money Dick DeVos and his Family Foundation have given through humanitarian missions to date is estimated to be about $139 million. In the year 2015 alone, the family contributed $104 million to nonprofits and charities making it be placed 24th on the list of America’s Top Givers published by Forbes Magazine. Out of these, Dick gave out about $11.6 million. No other wealthy family from West Michigan has given as much as they have done. This is in keeping with the long tradition of providing that the families from sides, the Netherlands where Madam Betsy has her roots, and the US where Mr. Dick lives, have established over their lifetimes.


Whereas undue attention might be directed at the vast sums they also set aside for political causes, it is clear that education is the top priority in their donations. In the recent past, 2015, educational causes have received more than$ 3 million from the family largesse, which accounted for 26 percent of the entire sums they donated that year. Improvement of learning environments and helping the poor acquire quality education forms a major part their activities. According to the couple, the current American system of learning to a great measure does not reflect the American Dream. They want to empower undeserving and underprivileged children to attain meaningful life through decent education. Dick DeVos emphasizes the right of every child to be taught by skilled educators in every institution.


In 2013, Dick DeVos funneled out thousands of dollars to the following schools and colleges; Rehoboth Christian School in New Mexico, Detroit Charter School Company New Urban Learning, Compass College of Cinematic Arts in Grand Rapids, West Michigan Aviation Academy, Dick DeVos’ alma mater Northwood University in Midland, and Potter’s House in Wyoming. The publication of the beneficiaries is an effort at transparency in donating for worthy causes. It is also proof that all contributions by the Foundation fulfill the criteria expected of organizations that support charities. The charter schools the family supports cater mainly to the economically disadvantaged students in those localities. The couple also supports Arts & Culture, and in 2015, they gave $2.4 million towards instilling high-quality managements in arts. The DeVoses never attach any conditions to what they give, and their interest is not limited to schools alone. Other areas in which their donations go include; health and human Services, churches, leadership development, and community welfare.


Dick DeVos has been part of the family business, Amway Corporation, from 1974. He has held many executive positions in many of its international branches. He is also a founder and President of Windquest Group, and he manages the NBA’s Orlando Magic Basketball franchise. Dick is a big political player in Michigan