6 Eco-Friendly Destinations for the Traveling Tree Hugger

Looking to get out of the house for awhile? Want to put in those vacation days that you should have taken a long time ago? There are so many options in the world today when it comes to travel, but not all destinations are centered around an eco-friendly environment. If you like to keep this green earth clean and natural, then check out some of the travel destinations listed below that are sure to meet your eco-standards and give you the vacation you may have been dreaming of!


  1. Chile

Chile was the first to approve a carbon tax in all of South America, and will begin to take effect in 2018. Chile also scores the highest score in environmental protection, and is strongly working towards getting twenty percent of their energy from different renewable sources by the year 2025.

  1. Dominicia

They have started a project with the goal of drastically reducing the consumption of energy in the business sections, working towards an overall greener environment.

  1. Lithuania

By the year 2020, Lithuania wants to use twenty three percent of renewable energy. They are already close to reaching their goal with twenty two percent, and may even exceed their original intentions and expectations at this rate!

  1. Uruguay

Not only does eighty percent of their energy come from renewable resources, but Uruguay also wants to turn all public transportation towards electricity, including buses and taxis, and is also working towards becoming a carbon neutral nation.

  1. Samoa

Samoa has a one million dollar budget with the primary goal of building up the biodiversity of the island and helping balance the threats of sudden changes in weather and climate.

  1. Tonga

With the goal of reducing the import of diesel by fifty percent by 2020, Tonga is promoting solar home energy to those residing there to help bring the diesel usage down.

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