Julie Zuckerberg Created Strategies for Recruitment

There are many recruitment strategies that people can follow when they are trying to find the best executives for the company. These were developed by experts and Julie Zuckerberg relied on a lot of them when she first started working as a recruiter. It was something that most recruiters do and something that she knew would work well for her since she was first starting out with the career that she had. It was a great way for her to learn the basics of the business and it also gave her a lot of experience.


The strategies worked well when Julie Zuckerberg was working for Hudson. This was the first company that she worked with and it was one of the first jobs that she had. She was there as an intern while she was still in college and then she was able to land a position there once she graduated. It made a lot of sense because she knew how the company worked and the way that recruiting worked for the company. She also knew that it was something that she was good at and the people who worked for Hudson appreciated everything that she was able to do with the experience.


While Julie Zuckerberg did a great job with Hudson and knew that it was something that she was successful with, she also knew that she could not stay there forever. She wanted to try new things and that meant that she had to try to find a new position with a different company. Hudson was great for learning but she needed somewhere that she could implement her own procedures. For Julie Zuckerberg, this came with the position that she got working with Citi. It was a change from Hudson but also something that made things easier for her to do more in the way of making her own strategies.


Not only did she stop using the strategies that had already been developed and begin using her own, but people began to notice that she was doing new things with the executive recruitment field. They saw that she would try more and do more than any of the other recruiters and it made a huge difference in the way that things worked for Julie Zuckerberg. She began to get noticed by places like the Deutsche Bank where she eventually accepted a position after working, very briefly, with the New York Life Insurance Company.


Julie Zuckerberg spends a lot of time working and doing what she can to promote positivity in the workplace. Since she doesn’t spend all of her time at work, though, she has a lot of options to do things outside of work. It gives her a chance to run, visit art galleries and take pictures. She is passionate about New York City and feels like she can always find something new in the city that she is a part of so she continuously works to explore every part of the city while she is enjoying her passions.


Explore The Napa Valley With The Traveling Vineyard

     With a name like Traveling Vineyard, you may think this company’s guides would simply tell you where the best tastings and vineyards are. That is far from the truth. They cover everything the Napa Valley has to offer from art to cooking classes. Their guides will take you off the traditional path and let you explore this glorious part of the country the way it should be.

If you’re planning a trip to the Napa Valley, it would be a good idea to take advantage of the guides this company makes. They know the area, and can help you to discover so much more than just wine. Here are a few of the activities they promote and encourage people to visit while touring the Napa Valley.

The Napa Art Walk

If you like sculptures then this exhibition is for you. You can view works created by artists from all over the country. If you just so happen to see something that would look great in your front yard, you can buy it and a portion of the proceeds will go to funding more shows in the future.

The Auberge Spa

Face it, traveling is stressful and you may need a rest. Well, the Traveling Vineyard has thought of everything. A trip to this spa will recharge your batteries. You’ll enjoy therapeutic massages and relaxing baths in mineral rich mud and fresh spring waters. When you’re done relaxing, this resort also offers many activities and classes such as hot air balloon rides.

Robert Louis Stevenson State Park

If you’re a little more adventurous you could get out doors and go wild at this state park and even climb up to the famous Mount St. Helena. With some of the most favorable weather in the United Sates being in California, why not get out and have an adventure while you’re there.

So, remember this the next time you’re planning a vacation to the Napa Valley. Just because it’s wine country doesn’t mean that’s all this amazing place has to offer. There are so many wonderful things to do that you could plan multiple vacations here and never do the same thing twice, unless you wanted to.

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Fantasy Alarm Baseball Trade Deadline Players to Watch

As the MLB lineup for each fantasy team is about to be solidified as the trade deadlines approach. For the fantasy fanatic, there are always those players put out there as “fodder” at the trade deadline. Picking them up means you might gain something short-term to help make the push to the World Series. Here is what to look for in some of those players as the deadline approaches:


Luis Perdomo – Padres: Has had a solid start to the season but wins seem scarce. However, with his 4.18 ERA and his groundball average hovering at around 70% he should start winning again soon. Right?


Ben Gamel – Mariners: Recently being called up from “AAA” made Gamel begin to play at a white-hot level! So far, his play has gotten his CBSSports.com ownership up to a 16%.


Rhys Hoskins – Phillies: He is red-hot in the “AAA” league with a .333 and 7 home-runs already this season! The power of this player could easily put Hoskins on a MLB roster for a depth player on a team in need of one!


Ryan Schmipf – Padres: Schimpf boasts 9 homeruns so far in this season with a .170 batting average and a 31.7% strikeout rate. Schimpf is stepping up for the Padres in a big way.


Eddie Butler – Cubs: After being sent back to the “AAA” league Butler has a dominant starter with a 1.17 ERA which sent him back up to the Cubs for his first start in the MLB!


Jed Lowrie – Athletics: Lowrie has already exceeded last year’s home-run total and his highest walk-rate of his career has been set at 10.9%. These amazing numbers make the owners willing to accept his numbers in other categories.


Hansel Robles – Mets: he is currently at a 10% ownership with CBSSports.com and his incredible fastball clocking in at 95.3 make him a solid pick for any fantasy team seeking a solid pitcher!


Kenny Vargas – Twins: So far, Vargas has hit 4 homeruns in 39 batting attempts when called up from “AARA” promptly inserted himself in the Twins lineup as a force to be reckoned with!


Jose Urena – Marlins: While Urena’ strikeout rates this season may be disappointing thus far his 96.1 mnph sizzler makes the potential for a solid pitcher if his numbers improve!


Jorge Soler – Royals: Once he shakes off the rust from missing 28 games with an oblique pull, Soler has the potential to figure well into a team’s lineup as a depth player in a deep World Series run.


These are a few of the players that any MLB lineup should consider if your fantasy team wants to make it deep into the World Series run! Their payoffs can be huge!