What Marc Beer Is Up To With the Latest Startup

Marc Beer is now investing millions into a women’s health startup. The name of the company, Renovia Inc. is dedicated to disorders related to the pelvic floor of women. Stated to be one of the most common health issue now for women, the study and treatment of pelvic floor disorders has captured the attention of those who are now working in what is considered to be the marketplace of med-tech.


The first round of investing published to the tune of $32 million dollars. The total for venture debt was around $10 million. This med-tech company, based in Boston, is now on the helm of something big with the latest in medical research. The grouping of products launched will include diagnostic products as well as therapeutic products for some of the most commonly treated disorders like urinary incontinence. Urinary incontinence alone impacts more than 250 million women worldwide.


The very first product to be launched by Renovia, known as Leva, approved it’s FDA approval in April of this year. Another investor who shared interest in the company early on, The Longwood Fund, a firm focused on investing in healthcare, was led by a knowledgeable advisory firm based out of New York. The idea behind this advisory was to ensure that funding was directed towards the most important aspects of the research like products that are approved at a therapeutic level, as well as to offer support for what lies ahead.


The greater vision for the entire mission is to approach diagnosing these conditions and disorders earlier, as well as finding a more ideal treatment early on. Generally, the longer it takes to find a helpful therapy, the more frustrated an individual becomes. This has been the case for women struggling with urinary incontinence most of their lives.


When Marc Beer spoke on the matter in a recent article, he eluded to the idea that the idea is to combine knowledge and resources for a better outcome for all involved. Today, the greater amount of tools and resources used for the purpose of healthcare include a steady platform used in research,diagnosis and treatment of individuals. The more research that is poured into a digital data stream, along with what can be harvested in terms of research is going to be used to educate patients on what new treatment options are available. Essentially, it is reminiscent of a software used by Cancer Treatment Centers of America that helps doctors and patients choose from some of the best treatments used for certain types of cancers.


Is it possible that that this could be true for finding the best therapies and treatment options for those who suffer from urinary incontinence? Learn more : https://www.slideshare.net/MarcBeer

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