The Deals that has kept Fortress Investment Group Growing, Including the Acquisition by SoftBank

Fortress Investment Group is an international company based in New York City. The investment management firm, founded in 1998 as a private equity firm, has grown rapidly to direct properties worth over $43 billion worldwide. Furthermore, the trendsetter in the investment industry has over 1500 investors as well as employing over 900 people.

Rand Nardone, Peter Briger and Wes Esdens are the Fortress Investment Group’s founders who also adds up as the company’s principals. They have been part of the investment firm’s growth to become the big company it is now.

One of the firm’s principals, Wes Edens, launched a train service between Miami and Fort Lauderdale. This was in a move to relieve the residents who were already spending a lot of time commuting. Brightline, owned by Wes Edens, runs trains around the clock to ease traffic jams and congestion in the roads.

Brightline is one of the Fortress Investment Group’s investment and it hopes to extend its train services to other cities. Fortress has continued to spread its wings across many investment niches and most recently, it entered into a partnership with iPass. In the venture, Fortress Investment Group gave $20 million worth loan to iPass in an effort to secure a worthwhile investment to its investors and shareholders.

Who is iPass? It is a fast growing technology company specializing in provision of reliable global connectivity options. The deal between the two parties was conducted by Riley Financial Inc.. They agreed that iPass’s assets, inclusive of SmartConnect technology as well as its patent portfolio, were to be used as security for the loan.

Being a company in the technology industry iPass has expressed a considerable potential of growth. That could have contributed to informing Fortress’s decision to invest in the company.

What has probably attracted the most attention, is the acquisition of Fortress Investment Group by SoftBank. Started as a computer software company in 1981, SoftBank has grown tremendously to acquire over 400 technology companies worldwide. The $3.3 billion deal saw SoftBank acquire the investment firm and definitely, that will influence the development direction SoftBank will take. Additionally, SoftBank decided not to interfere with the management of Fortress’s assets to avoid regulatory issues.

What Marc Beer Is Up To With the Latest Startup

Marc Beer is now investing millions into a women’s health startup. The name of the company, Renovia Inc. is dedicated to disorders related to the pelvic floor of women. Stated to be one of the most common health issue now for women, the study and treatment of pelvic floor disorders has captured the attention of those who are now working in what is considered to be the marketplace of med-tech.


The first round of investing published to the tune of $32 million dollars. The total for venture debt was around $10 million. This med-tech company, based in Boston, is now on the helm of something big with the latest in medical research. The grouping of products launched will include diagnostic products as well as therapeutic products for some of the most commonly treated disorders like urinary incontinence. Urinary incontinence alone impacts more than 250 million women worldwide.


The very first product to be launched by Renovia, known as Leva, approved it’s FDA approval in April of this year. Another investor who shared interest in the company early on, The Longwood Fund, a firm focused on investing in healthcare, was led by a knowledgeable advisory firm based out of New York. The idea behind this advisory was to ensure that funding was directed towards the most important aspects of the research like products that are approved at a therapeutic level, as well as to offer support for what lies ahead.


The greater vision for the entire mission is to approach diagnosing these conditions and disorders earlier, as well as finding a more ideal treatment early on. Generally, the longer it takes to find a helpful therapy, the more frustrated an individual becomes. This has been the case for women struggling with urinary incontinence most of their lives.


When Marc Beer spoke on the matter in a recent article, he eluded to the idea that the idea is to combine knowledge and resources for a better outcome for all involved. Today, the greater amount of tools and resources used for the purpose of healthcare include a steady platform used in research,diagnosis and treatment of individuals. The more research that is poured into a digital data stream, along with what can be harvested in terms of research is going to be used to educate patients on what new treatment options are available. Essentially, it is reminiscent of a software used by Cancer Treatment Centers of America that helps doctors and patients choose from some of the best treatments used for certain types of cancers.


Is it possible that that this could be true for finding the best therapies and treatment options for those who suffer from urinary incontinence? Learn more :

Marc Beer Riases $42 Million For Renovia Inc., Startup

Marc Beer is the CEO and co-founder a startup called Renovia Inc. The company is set to produce several products that are meant for the disorders associated with the pelvic floors with its $42 million funding. $10 million of the funds is from a venture debt, and $32 million was raised during the Series B round.


Urinary incontinence and other types of disorders of the pelvic floor that affect 250 million women worldwide, and the MedTech startup is developing therapeutic and different diagnostic products like Leva that approved by the FDA in April.


Some of the funding companies that took part in the round of investments include the Longwood Fund, Perceptive Advisors form New York and Ascension Ventures from Missouri. The funds will go toward testing and the development of four more diagnostic and therapeutic products that include a brand new range of Leva devices.


The startup is lucky enough to receive investment from healthcare investors who share the same vision as the startup, to offer better accurate diagnosis and treatment to improve the lives of women. The startup has equipped itself with a digital health platform and proprietary innovative sensor technologies that will offer its clients valuable data for better treatment to be offered. This will breed more knowledge and understanding of the diagnosis of the pelvic floor, and in the long run, lower the costs of healthcare.


Marc Beer has more than 25 years in the field of development and commercialization of biotechnology, diagnostics, devices, and pharmaceuticals. Marc was the founder and CEO of a company called ViaCell that specialized in the collecting, preserving, and developing of umbilical cord blood stem cells. For more than seven years, he grew the company from scratch to a rapidly growing and vibrant organization. Over the years, the company grew to hire more than three hundred employees, and in 2005, it went public and was acquired by PerkinElmer.


Marc served as a board member of Erytech Pharma which was a biopharmaceutical company that went public. Marc also served as the Global Marketing Vice President where he was responsible for product launches that addressed rare diseases globally. Learn more :

The career of investor Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly is an investment guru and a senior-editor with Banyan Hill Publishing. He is famous for making investments in the technology and small-cap stocks. He is respected as an investor and a financial analyst. He appears in CNBC, FOX News, and Bloomberg where he gives opinions about various issues that affect the financial sector.

Paul Mampilly career as investor goes back to 1991 when he started working as an assistant portfolio manager at Bankers Trust. It did not take a long time to establish a good name as an investor. He moved to large banks and started managing millions of dollars. He worked with banks such as ING, Deutsche Bank, Sears, Royal Bank of Scotland among others.

As he established a good name in the industry, he was spotted by a hedge fund known as Kinetics Asset Management. The hedge fund was worth $6 billion when he joined, but at the end of his tenure, it was worth $25 billion. It was even featured by the Barron’s after recording the highest annual return of 26 percent.

In 2008, Paul took part in a competition which brought together the best traders in the Wall Street. The Templeton Foundation sponsored the competition and each of the participants was given $50 million investment. Paul made the highest return after recording 76 percent at the end of the competition. He made $88 million from the initial investment defeating all other participants. He made record by accomplishing this target at a time when the world was going through the great global recession of 2008/2009.

Paul Mampilly no longer works in the Wall Street. He left at the age of 42 after realizing that there were many Americans outside the Wall Street who could benefit from his knowledge. The Wall Street is all about making millions for a small number of Americans. Now he is working for the ordinary Americans who he calls the “Main Street Americans.”

Paul Mampilly has created a newsletter known as Profits Unlimited which he uses as a channel for informing his followers. He gives access to his portfolio to followers of this newsletter so that they can replicate what he is doing.

Cruelty-Free Makeup Company is Launching in the UK

If you’re someone who totally wants to embrace the unique, make a statement, and be bold with your makeup then there’s a company for you. Lime Crime is a cosmetic company that specializes in high-quality, vegan-friendly, and cruelty-free products. They’re a company that provides cosmetics that come in all different shades for all different people.

If you’re someone who loves to live bold then you’ll love the Venus Palettes. These are grunge eye shadow palettes that help you create a masterpiece on your face. These rustic brown and red shades truly help your eyes to pop creating a modern yet renaissance look. No matter what event you’re attending, this is a way to show off your style and turn heads in the process.

One thing all women and men can agree on is that a good lipstick is everything. Lime Crime has lip lovers covered. They offered everything from matte to shimmery shades. You can find lipstick in shades of yellows, purples, blues, and more.

For the longest time, the American standard of beauty was focused on makeup that helped someone enhance their natural look. Lime Crime then came along and showed people that they can be beautiful no matter what statement they wanted to portray. Now, the same will go for the UK. The company is expanding meaning soon people all over the globe will hopefully be able to enjoy these products. Every day, more people are looking for a product that doesn’t test on animals and is vegan-friendly. This is that product. Many people in the UK, as well as America, are becoming outraged over the growing mistreatment of animals. This is just one of the many ways to support animal rights.

Not to mention, those in the UK can now look like magical unicorns just like Doe Deere herself.

Find out more about Lime Crime:

Guilherme Paulus Has Many Entrepreneurial Achievements

The extremely successful entrepreneurial businessman Guilherme Paulus has recently been placed among the ranks of the wealthiest people on the planet. The Brazilian born entrepreneur has managed to have an estimated net worth of $1.1 billion. Guilherme has been involved in the creation of many companies and has been able to lead them to success. He has a passion for the travel industry and loves being a salesman. Read more about Guilherme Paulus on Crunchbase.

In 1972, he co-founded the CVC travel agency with Carlos Vicente Cerchiari. Carlos was a politician at the time and met Guilherme while he was working for the Casa Faro travel agency. Carlos noticed the potential that Guilherme had and offered him a partnership so that the two could start their own company. Carlos left the business venture four years after it was founded. Guilherme Paulus continued to lead the company through many challenging obstacles and it is now recognized as the largest tourist operator in all of Latin America.

Guilherme Paulus knew that he could take the CVC travel agency to greater heights of success through the support of a global investment fund. In 2009, he sold 63.6% of the CVC to the global investment firm, the Carlyle Group. The estimated cost of the part of the company that was sold was $420 million. The CVC now generates an annual revenue of $5.2 billion.

Guilherme Paulus founded the GJP Hotels and Resorts in 2005. The company is now looking to acquire more hotels and resorts near Brazilian airports by bidding on them. The hotel and resorts company now has 19 hotels and resorts in its control. It has 7 of the hotels located in the Southern Region of Brazil, 5 of them in the Southeast Region, and 7 hotels in the Northeast Region. The secret to success for Guilherme Paulus is to constantly be committed to customer service. To love the customer.

Guilherme Paulus moved on to the aviation industry in 2006. He soon acquired the Webjet airline while it only had one aircraft in its fleet. Guilherme transformed the small airline into the third largest airline in Brazil and it now has 20 aircraft in its fleet.

More about of Guilherme Paulus:


Innovative Lending and Sustainable Banking for the Community

There are a lot of reasons Nexbank is a premier lending institution in northern Texas. For years Nexbank has been serving the businesses and families of Dallas and surrounding areas. Their commitment to serving the public and empowering communities has been steadfast for more than a decade too. Nexbank has recently joined forces with Dallas Neighborhood Homes, a non-profit focused on helping the poor gain access to mortgages.

Nexbank will contribute upwards of fifty million dollars to a fund that will be distributed in conjunction with Dallas Neighborhood Homes. This collaboration attempts to mobilize underserved groups in Dallas who may not be able to afford to buy houses on their own. By educating and providing easier access to funding, more people will be able to become homeowners in the Dallas area.

Presently there have been large-scale changes to the housing market in the United States. However, northern Texas has suffered considerably more so than other regions. It currently has one of the lowest percentages of homeowners anywhere in the country. Having better access to resources may change this paradigm and allow more people to become homeowners.

Ultimately there are a lot of benefits that this partnership will provide. Nexbank hopes to improve the local economy and provide better access to resources for those who need it the most. Another area that the bank has focused on is related to college.

Nexbank has recently acquired College Savings Bank and continues to administer more than five hundred of their plans. As a regional leader in financial services and planning, Nexbank helps people get access to funding and to plan for future expenses. The savings programs offered the College Savings Bank gave parents and students flexible options and have helped thousands of people attend undergraduate institutions. Nexbank will continue empowering families to reach their academic goals and visions with supportive infrastructure and versatile banking options.

Nexbank is one of the most widely trusted and highly reputed financial institutions in Texas. With many locations in the Dallas area, it has never been more convenient to get financial assistance, planning, and support.

How to achieve growth in business with Bob Reina

Over the years, business has revolutionalized, new methods of improving business have come up. When it comes to business one of the factors that contribute to the success is a proper marketing strategy.

One of the business persons that has managed to change marketing is Bob Reina, nowadays business owners are using social media as a marketing tool, and this has emerged as a trendy and efficient way to reach to clients not only in your country but across the globe. However, Bob Reina has come up with an even better strategy, the video marketing solutions.

Some businesses send weekly or even monthly emails to their clients, to deliver the message in a more accessible and effective way. Bob introduced the email videos. These videos help deliver messages to customers one they open their email and save them the time to read as they can listen while doing other things.

Providing a better alternative for busy people all over the world has increased the popularity of this method and has made Bob Reina’s business a great success. Other factors that have contributed to Bob Reina success include;

Hard work and self-discipline, Bob has worked in different places and has over the years discovered that all good things in life are attained through hard work. Bob applied this principle while still in school and took up some jobs. Cultivating the spirit of work has helped him achieve his dreams today.

When it comes to business, it is essential to identify your strength and technique used to bring ideas to life, for Bob Reina, sharing his idea with his colleagues plays a huge part in developing his ideas. Bob identifies the strength of teamwork. Bob also generates his ideas from recognizing a need.

Consistency, according to Bob Reina, one of the factors that have contributed significantly to his success is consistency. No matter how discouraging it may seem, keep trying over and over again. Consistency helps the entrepreneur to learn about the business, what are some of the things clients want and how can I provide the solution.

Another factor that has led to Bob’s success in business is believing in himself, before establishing Talk Fusion. Bob worked as a police officer. However, his decision to quit and some of this family and friends thought he was crazy, but Bob believed in his idea.

To young and upcoming entrepreneurs, Bob Reina encourages sharing. Bob believes that with a reliable and skilled team your ideas will become a reality. And thus feels it is necessary to ask for advice as well as sharing your views.

Todd Lubar  Influential Real Estate Investor and Consultant

If you are looking for some inspiration to achieve success in the field of real estate, then Todd Lubar is the perfect example of determination, hard work, and perseverance in the area of real estate. Todd Lubar has worked at various levels of the real estate business in his career spanning over three decades. It has helped him understand how the real estate business works and what needs to be done to achieve success in this highly competitive business. The returns in any industry cannot be guaranteed, but with little research and following the footstep of other leaders and mentors in the same industry, common mistakes can be avoided. It is this formula that Todd Lubar has been following from the very beginning and has helped him make millions through smart investments in the field of real estate.


Todd Lubar started his career in the field of real estate by joining a mortgage financing firm named Crestar Mortgage Corporation, where he went on to work for four years. It taught him a lot about mortgage banking and financing in the world of real estate. Later on, he moved to Texas where he joined the Legacy Financials and handled its Maryland office. In just a year, Todd Lubar managed to sell loans amounting to several hundred million. It was a breakthrough for him in the industry, and it also helped him get noticed in the real estate fraternity of Maryland. After working for several years in the real estate sector and building a network of professionals in various corners of the real estate business, he rose to a position to start his residential development firm, which had been his dream from the very beginning.


It is how the Legendary Investments came into being, and in a concise period, the company went on to complete over 200 projects, including buying, selling and developing new properties. Understanding the problems that many of his buyers were facing with getting finance for their real estate investments, Todd Lubar went on to start Legendary Financials. It provided financing solutions to the people who did not easily get loans from the conventional sources. Todd Lubar has years of experience in the real estate industry, and it is this experience that he continues to share with people who are looking to make investments in the real estate.


As far as Baltimore’s real estate sector is concerned, Todd Lubar says that investor must look beyond the news they hear from the mainstream media and get on the field to do their research. Todd Lubar says that contrary to the media reports, the Baltimore real estate sector is growing steadily and has seen consistent growth in the demand for apartments and condominiums. He currently is the Senior Vice President at Charter Funding.



Mina Ebrahimi setting the pace for women in the hospitality arena

Born of immigrant parents, Mina Ibrahimi might have had a rough time picking up from the pieces and molding herself into who she is today. In what may go down as an outstanding success story, her passion and desire to achieve her goals in life must have played a critical role in realizing her dream career. Just at a tender age of eleven years, Mina Ebrahimi started working at her parent’s bakery in Seven Corners at Tiffany bakery.

Young as she was, Mina had fully realized that communication is key to success. Therefore, she engaged clients directly enhancing a good rapport with them. All her hard work and sheer determination paid off when she opened her own company, Saint Germain Catering at the age of 26 years.

Mina Ebrahim as a professional

Mina Ebrahim’s desire for her company to be a top-notch catering service provider in the United States drove her to achieve more than what she had in mind. Her sheer determination saw her company rise from grass to organizing high-end weddings, private parties, seminars, luncheons et cetera. Her efforts were finally paying off.

With the rise of her outstanding line, she incorporated other individuals to aid in running the company but retaining her overall position as the Chief Executive Officer. Through her initiative, Mina ended up employing more than thirty people. Her entrepreneurial skills have not gone unnoticed.

She has many accolades to herself the latest being the prestigious Top 40 Under 40 award in 2010. Luck and success seem to be her portion because two years later after that, Mina Ebrahimi bagged the reputable Smart Chief Executive Officer Brava award winner in 2012. Later in 2014, she was ranked as the Enterprising Woman of the year winner. Her hard work positioned her in a place where most women now have someone to look upto.

Mina Ebrahim, the Philanthropist

Looking back at the humble beginning she came from; Mina Ebrahim took it to herself in ensuring that she positively impacted and empowered people from all walks of life in her region. Her soft spot for animals saw her establish The Jack-Ebrahim Program whose site lays at the University of Pennsylvania. The dogs help in countering cancer, the leading killer disease. The hub, Intervention Radiology Veterinarian Program is the only one of its kind in the region. She also empowers her fellow women to achieve their dreams. Mina Ebrahim is truly living the American Dream.