Innovative Lending and Sustainable Banking for the Community

There are a lot of reasons Nexbank is a premier lending institution in northern Texas. For years Nexbank has been serving the businesses and families of Dallas and surrounding areas. Their commitment to serving the public and empowering communities has been steadfast for more than a decade too. Nexbank has recently joined forces with Dallas Neighborhood Homes, a non-profit focused on helping the poor gain access to mortgages.

Nexbank will contribute upwards of fifty million dollars to a fund that will be distributed in conjunction with Dallas Neighborhood Homes. This collaboration attempts to mobilize underserved groups in Dallas who may not be able to afford to buy houses on their own. By educating and providing easier access to funding, more people will be able to become homeowners in the Dallas area.

Presently there have been large-scale changes to the housing market in the United States. However, northern Texas has suffered considerably more so than other regions. It currently has one of the lowest percentages of homeowners anywhere in the country. Having better access to resources may change this paradigm and allow more people to become homeowners.

Ultimately there are a lot of benefits that this partnership will provide. Nexbank hopes to improve the local economy and provide better access to resources for those who need it the most. Another area that the bank has focused on is related to college.

Nexbank has recently acquired College Savings Bank and continues to administer more than five hundred of their plans. As a regional leader in financial services and planning, Nexbank helps people get access to funding and to plan for future expenses. The savings programs offered the College Savings Bank gave parents and students flexible options and have helped thousands of people attend undergraduate institutions. Nexbank will continue empowering families to reach their academic goals and visions with supportive infrastructure and versatile banking options.

Nexbank is one of the most widely trusted and highly reputed financial institutions in Texas. With many locations in the Dallas area, it has never been more convenient to get financial assistance, planning, and support.