The Popularity of OSI Industries in the Food Industry

OSI Industries is a reputable food provider whose establishment roots are fascinating. The history of the company stems from the immigration exposure of the Americans. After a series of movements, Kolschowsky founded a mini-retail market, as well as, a butcher shop in 1909. After a decade, Otto Kolschowsky expanded the operations of his venture, therefore, inventing wholesale business activities famous as Otto& Sons in 1928. Currently, the company has developed into the largest provider and supplier of food products globally. The corporation has expanded not only its territories in seventeen nations but also its workforce. Now, OSI Industries accommodates 20,000 employees in its sixty-five facilities. The organization is among the most popular companies that have demonstrated their exemplary performance and still pursues excellence in its delivery of services.

The company attained achievement quickly through its collaboration with other ventures in the market. The organization is recognized for its partnership with the McDonald’s for the delivery of unique items. Through the interaction, OSI acquired a technological breakthrough, which facilitated the operation of both agencies. Some of the procedures that were made more efficient through the introduction of the latest technologies included flash freezing. The process presented new opportunities to OSI, as well as, the McDonald’s thus facilitated product expansion and cuts in the costs in the respective industry. OSI has associated with other organizations including the Nation Pizza and Foods in the U.S. In the United Kingdom, OSI Industries has partnered with Moy Park to improve poultry processing operations in the country.

Under the leadership of Sheldon Lavin, OSI has continued to experience success thus diversifying its services. The company has incorporated other strategies necessary for the production of different protein products ranging from pizza, hamburger to sausages. In 2010, OSI launched a beef production service situated in Japan. After two years, the company founded two other facilities in India, specifically in Punjab and Bangalore. Besides investing in the U.S, Japan and U.K, OSI has also placed its utmost focus in Europe. Over the previous half-decade, OSI oversaw its operations in Europe aiming to achieve and sustain its growth in the country. The company achieved this through the acquisition of Baho Food, a Dutch manufacturer of food items including meat.

OSI Industries values food safety and sustainability as well. Consequently, various agencies have overtime recognized the uniqueness of the company. As such, OSI has won a variety of awards including the 2016 California Green Business Prize in appreciation of its environmental conservation efforts.