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Chaz Dean is the amazing individual who has dedicated much of his life to women’s hair care. Dean started off in photography, and through his love of photography he gained an interest in hair. Dean wanted to become a cosmetologist, so he studied cosmetology and was able to work at some of the most prestigious salons in LA. Dean ( saw a disturbing trend when it came to haircare products. He noticed that the majority of haircare products had a lot of unneeded chemicals and dyes. These products actually strip hair of its natural oils, and these products make hair very unhealthy.

He wanted to create a haircare product that actually nourished a woman’s hair. Dean wanted this to be a product that could be used on any type of hair, and he wanted it to be free of sulfates and parabens. Dean was able to create WEN conditioning cleanser, and it quickly became one of the most popular conditioning cleanser to ever hit the market.

Emily McClure from The Bustle has heard a lot about WEN by Chaz Dean. McClure decided that she wanted to see for herself if all of the rumors were true. McClure has naturally fine hair, so she was nervous about the amount of product that she had to use on her hair.

McClure found that WEN conditioning cleanser helped her hair to look thick and shinier when it was used every day. If McClure skipped one day of washing her hair, she felt like the product made her hair look weighted down. McClure on Facebook does recommend this product for women with thin hair, but she advises them to make sure to use the product on a daily basis.

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Get Your Hair Right With Wen

Emily McClure is a writer for The Bustle, and she decided that she wanted to do an experiment with Wen conditioning cleanser. WEN conditioning cleanser has been marketed for the last decade. Many women from all around the world have tried WEN products, and they claim that they are products that are good for all hair types. WEN is a product that was created by a Chaz Dean. Dean was working in the hair care industry for many years. He wanted to do something different for a hair care product. Dean wanted a product that was going to nourish hair without having to strip hair of its natural oils. Wen was created to be as natural as possible. It is a cleanser, a conditioner and a styler all in one.

Chaz Dean ( is a person who truly revolutionized the hair care industry. He started off his career in the photography sector, but his love for hair and cosmetology moved him to want to get into a different profession. Dean loved working with hair, and he was soon working in one of the most prestigious hair salons in the Las Angeles area. Dean created WEN because he wanted to offer his clients a superior hair care product, and that is what he did.

Emily McClure is a woman who has very fine hair, and she wanted to see if WEN would be beneficial for her hair. McClure decided to do the test on her hair for seven days, because she wanted to see how her hair would fair over a week using WEN. McClure found that she liked the way that WEN made her her feel. At times she would feel like her hair was overly greasy if she did not wash it each day. McClure got compliments on her Facebook photo on the way her hair looked with Wen products, and she believes that she would recommend the product to women who have the same type of hair as her.

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