The Deals that has kept Fortress Investment Group Growing, Including the Acquisition by SoftBank

Fortress Investment Group is an international company based in New York City. The investment management firm, founded in 1998 as a private equity firm, has grown rapidly to direct properties worth over $43 billion worldwide. Furthermore, the trendsetter in the investment industry has over 1500 investors as well as employing over 900 people.

Rand Nardone, Peter Briger and Wes Esdens are the Fortress Investment Group’s founders who also adds up as the company’s principals. They have been part of the investment firm’s growth to become the big company it is now.

One of the firm’s principals, Wes Edens, launched a train service between Miami and Fort Lauderdale. This was in a move to relieve the residents who were already spending a lot of time commuting. Brightline, owned by Wes Edens, runs trains around the clock to ease traffic jams and congestion in the roads.

Brightline is one of the Fortress Investment Group’s investment and it hopes to extend its train services to other cities. Fortress has continued to spread its wings across many investment niches and most recently, it entered into a partnership with iPass. In the venture, Fortress Investment Group gave $20 million worth loan to iPass in an effort to secure a worthwhile investment to its investors and shareholders.

Who is iPass? It is a fast growing technology company specializing in provision of reliable global connectivity options. The deal between the two parties was conducted by Riley Financial Inc.. They agreed that iPass’s assets, inclusive of SmartConnect technology as well as its patent portfolio, were to be used as security for the loan.

Being a company in the technology industry iPass has expressed a considerable potential of growth. That could have contributed to informing Fortress’s decision to invest in the company.

What has probably attracted the most attention, is the acquisition of Fortress Investment Group by SoftBank. Started as a computer software company in 1981, SoftBank has grown tremendously to acquire over 400 technology companies worldwide. The $3.3 billion deal saw SoftBank acquire the investment firm and definitely, that will influence the development direction SoftBank will take. Additionally, SoftBank decided not to interfere with the management of Fortress’s assets to avoid regulatory issues.

Madison Street Capital Helps Ares Security Corporation Identify a Suitable Financing Partner

Madison Street Capital is undeniably among the leading global investment banking firms. In fact, early this year, the firm helped ARES Security Corporation to arrange its minority recapitalization, as the company’s exclusive financial advisor. Corbel Structured Equity Partners was behind the provision of minority recapitalization.


Reginald McGaugh said that it was an honor to work in close collaboration with Ben Eazzetta, Ares Security’s shareholder and president. He added that Ares Security Corporation is an exceptional company with top-in-line technology solutions that safeguard some of the globes vital assets. Additionally, Reginald acknowledged the company’s management team and board for challenging Madison Street Capital to identify a suitable financing partner.


Ben Eazzetta did not hesitate to express his gratitude to Madison on behalf of Ares Security for the assistance rendered by the investment banking firm in 2016. He added that the company was impressed with the whole process comprising of due diligence, value assessment and capital raising. For Ares Security, partnering with Corbel to structure the investment was an ideal path towards building considerable equity value. In fact, Corbel’s operationally-supportive partnership and flexible capital solution would allow Ares Security to further its sales momentum while capitalizing on emerging revenue opportunities.


Ares Security Corporation is a Vienna-based enterprise security company that offers protection to the most critical assets in the world. It protects the most sophisticated systems operated by the transportation, energy, nuclear and government industries.


About Madison Street Capital


Madison Street Capital is a global investment banking firm with a reputation for providing debt financing investments and private equity services. The firm is also known for having experience, knowledge and extensive relationships that complement today’s leading middle market investment banking entities. Madison Street Capital has also established itself as a top provider of mergers & acquisitions (M&A) and corporate finance advisory services. Some of its other financial services include financial asset management, business valuation, hedge fund administration, valuation for financial reporting, private equity fund administration, financial opinion and business valuation services.


Although Madison Street Capital has its headquarters in Chicago, Illinois, it operates offices around the globe including Asia, North America and Africa. The firm also boasts of a large base of experts with the ability and experience to arrange the necessary capitalization and financing structure to match different client situations. For this reason, the seasoned professionals play a significant role in boosting Madison Street Capital reputation as a global middle market investment banking leader. Additionally, the firm supports charitable causes by funding philanthropic organizations such as United Way.


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