Securus Technologies Providing the Highly Efficient Wireless Containment Solutions Technology

If the prisoners are freely allowed to connect with the outside world without any restrictions, what is the point of incarceration? However, even after many restrictions, it has been seen that the inmates can find ways to get their hands on the contraband phones. Many of the inmates have been caught using the contraband phones inside the prison, and many more continue to use as per the reports.


The use of contraband phones has significant implications for the society as it helps the inmates to control many different criminal activities outside of the prison while still being incarcerated. No contraband interdiction technology has been able to stop this menace so far, but Securus Technologies recently rolled out wireless containment solutions. It would help the prisons to put a tab on the use of contraband phones. The company has spent millions on research and development in the last few years and has spent a total of $40 million in developing wireless containment solutions. The company has already tested the new system in many different prisons and have received great appreciation for their effort. The face of their new system is Robert Johnson, who was the victim of an attack that was planned by an inmate. Robert worked as a correctional officer and was one of the top officials who loved his work. He had confiscated millions worth of drugs and cell phones from the inmates, and it made many people very angry.


Robert Johnson suffered major injuries when he was shot by some men in his home. He was getting ready to leave for work, and it was then he heard some sound. Some men entered the home, but Robert gave them a big fight. But, it did not prevent them from firing at him, and he was shot several times. Even though he was in the hospital for almost a year, he recovered quickly. After retiring from his post, he received an offer from Securus Technologies and joined it as a consultant. Now, he loves what he does and provides presentations to different prisons in the country about the benefits of the wireless containment system.


Securus Technologies has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas, and it is where the company also has its research center. The primary aim of the company is to make the correctional facilities more secure and be the leading provider of correctional services. In North America, Securus Technologies is the leader in providing inmate communication and other correctional services, but it has plans to expand to other territories soon. The development of wireless containment solutions has helped the company to consolidate its position in the correctional sphere, and many new correctional facilities are showing their interest to acquire this new technology.



Securus Technologies Developing Advanced Wireless Containment System to Prevent Illegal Use of Cell Phones in Prison

It is no surprise that cell phones have been a book to the world. One can easily speak to anyone from one part of the world to another using them. Today, with advancement in technology, it has become possible to use them many more tasks which were not possible before. But, it is only when they are used responsibly that they make a positive difference to the world. Many times, they are used by criminals to carry out illegal activities that can be harmful to people. No one knows this better than Robert Johnson who was attacked by criminals in his home at the early hours of the day.


While working in the Florida prison, I was one of the close associates of Robert and have seen him carry out his duties without any fear. Even though the prison officials used to get threats from the gang members inside the prisons in case any of their illegal things like drugs or cell phones were confiscated, Robert was never the one to be afraid of them. There was a significant raid once where Robert managed to get about $50,000 worth of drugs from the hands of the gang members in prison. It led the members to be angry and to use the contraband phone they planned a hit on Robert. He was hit multiple times in his living room while his wife slept in the other room. He was rushed to the hospital, and it took him months to recover from the wounds.


Securus Technologies has been at the forefront of developing technology to help prevent the use of cell phones in prisons. While the early technologies being used were not able to distinguish between the calls made by the inmates and the officials, it became dangerous during prison riots. Securus Technologies have developed their newest wireless containment system that offers a more customized solution to the problem. It creates a secure network inside the prison and all calls made from inside the prison have to be made through this interface. It allows the prison officials and guards to locate the place from where the requests are made and to end the use of contraband phones inside the prison.


Robert Johnson has been working with Securus Technologies for many years as a freelancer and is playing a pivotal role in the installation of the system in prisons across the country. He wants to ensure that the inmates are not able to use these phones to keep on carrying out illegal activities even after being locked up.



Securus Technologies discovers new ways to fight prison gangs

Prison gangs have become one of the central threats to the criminal justice system of the United States. With the ability to extend their reach into almost any jurisdiction throughout the country, the highly organized and well-heeled criminal organizations that control the nation’s prison system have been threatening to metastasize outside of prisons walls, posing a serious threats to every citizen of the country.


But recently, Securus Technologies, one of the country’s leading providers of inmate communications solutions, has announced that it has a new tool in the arsenal with which to fight the nation’s powerful criminal prison gangs. The company has been developing a hi-tech system that enables corrections officers to block all unauthorized cellular calls coming from within the prisons that they guard. Known as the Wireless Containment System, early trials of the device have shown that it is nearly 100-percent effective in stopping all illegal calls from being placed.



Communication is the root of organizational power


The nation’s many prison gangs are modeled after the military. With terms like general and soldier used to describe the leadership and low-level members, respectively, the gangs follow a hierarchic structure very similar to what is seen in militaries across the globe. Some of the prison gangs enforce a regimentation on their members that rivals anything seen in even the most elite branches of the U.S. armed forces.


It is no surprise, then, that these gangs pose a serious threat to any institution in which they are housed. And this threat is made exponentially worse by affording them easy access to cell phones. With the on-demand communications capabilities that modern cell phones give them, today’s prison gangs are able to run highly effective and dangerous criminal enterprises. They have been known to order the intimidation of key witnesses in major cases, even taking payment from people currently in jail and awaiting trail to remove main witnesses from the case of prosecutors. This poses a serious threat to the very credibility of the country’s justice system.


But criminal gangs have also ordered many hits on rival gang members, their own gang members, guards and even innocent civilians. As a result, cutting off their ability to easy means of communication has become a top and urgent priority.


Now, with the introduction of its Wireless Containment Solution, Securus Technologies is taking the first step towards permanently ending the prison gang’s reign of cell-phone-enabled terror.


The system has the proven ability to completely block all unauthorized calls placed within a prison, making it impossible for anyone to use contraband cell phones. The WCS is also able to pinpoint the location of any contraband device that is left on, anywhere in the prison.


Securus Technologies Take on GTL for a Tech Stand-off Challenge

Securus Technologies is a civil and criminal justice technology provider for public safety, corrections monitoring, and investigations. It announced this year that it was offering a challenge to its chief competitor, GTL, to employ an independent technology judge to establish who has the overall best product, the most current high tech refined calling, a high-end efficient platform, and the best customer service and associated data.


CEO Richard’s Innovation Response


GTL has twisted facts that try to portray that its technology and customer service are comparable to ours, noted Richard Smith, Securus’ CEO.


Smith noted with concern that a GTL comparison to our company’s technology isn’t fair because we have heavily invested in the procurement of sophisticated technologies ($700 million) in the last four years, to boost our innovative business. We have also been acquiring companies, technology centers, and product development along with a state of the art Customer Service Center, and GTL cannot match our tremendous assets. I wish they could stop this comparison business. We are in a big league, far from where they are today.


Our tests indicate that Securus has a call response performance of 600% improved technology than GTL’s. We also use our trained field professionals, unlike GTL who contract most of their work to external individuals who may not have a deep desire to serve customers efficiently like we do at Securus. Our latest VOIP Prison calling system is rated the best in the world. The VOIP Platform provides customers with regular software upgrades that enable services to be flawlessly distributed at a lower cost and much faster when compared to GTL’s locally based older systems.


We have facility customers that have reviewed our products over those at GTL’s, and they have concluded that Securus’ technology and customer service is far more superior to that offered by GTL. We have customers that have converted to Securus – because they prefer our technology and customer service. I also see the same win/loss ratios that we retain; we take $4.00 in profits from GTL against $1.00 lost to GTL in the last five years. So can GTL take the technology challenge heat?